Our broad spectrum of industry-leading tools gives us the ability to design, prototype, and produce your components using the most affordable and accurate methods available.


LaserCAM has managed projects that range from helping inventors tweak their design to large projects where our services have to synchronize with multiple vendors.

When you engage LaserCAM for contract manufacturing, a single experienced project engineer is assigned to you. This enables you to have total control of production schedules, procurement, and logistics.

Contact us today to speak with an experienced project engineer for contract manufacturing, or onshoring your project.



Strategic focus
(Personnel, Project roadmap)
We discuss your project requirements and ensure we understand all of the elements, from purchasing, to storage, to assembly, and delivery.


Standard Operating Procedures addressing the unique needs of project.
We meticulously go through all stages of the project to which we're required. You can be rest assured that we'll look after your needs along the way.


Communication plan (touch points, engagement model)
Our approach ensures that everything is handled in-house by our qualified team. Being one of the few companies in the industry to offer this type of service, we have taken the time to refine our services to ensure your project management needs are taken care of, from start to finish. Every project has a signed agreement outlining the outcome before proceeding.


Metal fabrication projects require attention to detail- we help to take your idea from design to manufacturing by supporting you with CAD design, simulating bend deductions, and utilizing our extensive metal handling experience. We believe and have learnt to establish a clear and effective communication protocol- this enables efficiency of your projects.

Consistency and reliability of our experienced team is an email, or phone call away.

It doesn't matter if you're starting from scratch or if you need some revisions made to existing parts or products, our qualified team of engineers and designers can ensure your finished parts meet the highest quality standards of the industry.

Our experienced team will work with you for a successful project outcome. We achieve this using CAD software and CNC based manufacturing applications.


We understand your requirements, the intended use for your product/part, and how we can best optimize the manufacturing process through design.


Whether the parts are designed by your team or ours, we review the designs to ensure ease of fabrication and that the design is free of any mistakes. Our team is qualified to ensure everything is manufactured to the highest quality.


Our design team implements 3D animation applications to ensure all products fit and conform to the design specifications. Our software simulates the cutting and bending process to maximize efficiency and minimize material wastage


LaserCAM utilizes state-of-the-art fibre laser cutting machinery to deliver reliable and high quality precision manufacturing. Our experienced team will work with yours to provide an efficient process from design and prototype stages all the way through flat laser cutting, deburring, press bending, assembly, and logistics including warehousing and shipping your final product.

LaserCAM's CNC laser cutting services deliver clean edges and tight tolerances with accurate and repeatable results. Our system is ideal for high volume production and offers the ability to upload STEP and DXF files directly into our laser cutting system. As a result, projects can reach optimum material utilization, increasing manufacturing accuracy and efficiency.

Our capabilities of precision sheet metal fabrication includes deliverable of skilful layout, measure, machine, weld, finish and/or assemble to your exact requirements using our state of the art machinery.

We work with various materials like Aluminum, Brass, Bronze, Carbon Steel, Copper and Stainless Steel

Carbon Steel
Stainless Steel

LaserCAM uses CNC brake forming for metals- this is used by using globally recognized best-in-class brake press by Trumpf. Using these machines, LaserCAM staff is able to bend sheet metal to exacting and consistent shapes using the exact amount of force necessary to create the desired shape.

We meet your production run quality by utilizing these work horses.

Regardless of your industry, we’ll always meet your expectations regarding quality, service and on-time delivery — as a result of these CNC press brakes.

Sheet Metal Forming & Bending

We have one of the most advanced 170-ton press brake on Vancouver Island. This enables us to undertake a wide spectrum of projects, both large and small.

A press brake is a machine tool that uses pressure to bend and shape sheet metal. Using leading-edge CNC based bend deductions and accurate bending machinery, LaserCAM Fabrication can support the manufacturing and fabrication of a wide variety of products.


Here we use CAD software to analyze the drawings


Here we simulate tool-path to ensure that the metal usage is maximized, the right bend deductions are simulated tool-paths to avoid collisions.


Build to client specifications by creating a Route sheet that includes BOM & Process Checklist.


LaserCAM references the processes outlined in Canadian Institute of Steel Construstion’s steel fabrication quality systems guidelines to meet the quality requirements of our customers.