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Transforming sheet metal into perfection with advanced manufacturing: the perfect blend of human expertise, computer programs, and automated processes.

LaserCAM Fabrication Inc. transforms sheet metal into high-quality products using advanced techniques, delivering exceptional skill and precision. Our offerings span various industries, including metal enclosures, lockers, outdoor kitchens, and emergency stoves. We provide top-notch craftsmanship and reliable solutions tailored to your needs. Our diverse client base includes individual consumers, prototype developers, large-scale manufacturers, and corporate entities such as electrical contractors, the marine industry, government agencies, and construction firms.


LCF creates products intended to be cherished for a lifetime through their design and manufacturing.

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LCF provides state-of-the-art solutions for sheet metal processing, by utilizing Fibre Laser cutting, CNC-based bending, robot-assisted welding, and assembly.

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LCF is an ANSI/BIFMA e3 Level 2 certified SA holder for Category 3 Metal Furniture.
SA# E60PQ-140003/086/PQ

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Mission: LCF manufactures durable products for corporate and retail clients through cutting-edge techniques, strong partnerships, advanced equipment, standardized processes, a dedicated workforce, and a focus on safety.

Vision: LCF envisions global leadership in revolutionary, eco-friendly sheet-metal products.

LaserCAM Fabrication Inc.

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Victoria, BC V9B 4C6

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