Sheet Metal Fabrication

LaserCAM Sheetmetal Fabrication

Sheetmetal fabrication is a process of manufacturing metal components from sheet metal that can be assembled or welded to form a completed part or component.

The primary process in fabrication includes cutting, removal of oxide layers, bending, welding, and assembly. The core fabrication processes are typically supported by additional processes that turn a fabricated component into the final metalwork assembly supplied to the client. The option LaserCAM uses is the processes of surface preparation and corrosion protection with powder coating using high temperatures.

LaserCAM utilizes technology to design and manufacture products. The process begins by designing the product that is cut on CNC based Fiber Laser and bent by a CNC assisted press brake conditioned by a Lissmac machine. Our process to include first article for inspection (FAI) enables reliable outcome with the highest level of quality assurance for our products.

LaserCAM follows strict environmentally responsible policies to earn our ANSI/ BIFMA e3 Level 2 certification.

LCF holds an Sales Arrangement (SA) to supply file cabinets and lockers under Category 3.

LCF’s Metal lockers and filing cabinets are durable and long-lasting, making them ideal for use in government offices and facilities. They provide secure storage for confidential documents, equipment, and personal belongings, ensuring that they are protected from theft, damage, and unauthorized access.

Moreover, manufacturing metal lockers and filing cabinets creates Canadian jobs and stimulates economic growth. LCF employs skilled unionized workers who are trained in metal fabrication, welding, and other specialized skills. The manufacture of these products requires a variety of materials, such as steel, aluminum, and other metals, which creates demand for the mining, processing, and transportation of raw materials. LCF is proud to be part of this eco-system.

In addition, the production of metal lockers and filing cabinets supports innovation and technological advancement. LCF is continually improving the design and functionality of these products, incorporating new features and technologies that enhance their durability, security, and ease of use. This drives research and development, leading to the creation of new products and processes that can benefit a wide range of industries. Across our country and continent.

Furthermore, manufacturing metal lockers and filing cabinets helps to reduce the environmental impact of government procurement. Metal is a highly recyclable material, and many manufacturers use recycled metal in the production of their products. This reduces the amount of waste sent to landfills and conserves natural resources, such as energy and water.

Finally, by designing and manufacturing these products domestically, manufacturers contribute to the growth of the Canadian economy and support Unionized Canadian workers. This helps to maintain a strong and healthy manufacturing sector in Canada.

ANSI/BIFMA e3-2019

LaserCAM Fabrication is Level 2 certified for Metal Lockers and Metal Filing Cabinets.